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    NNPA welcomes Loran Kelly, Ph.D. - Now Accepting New Patients

    Dr. Kelly joins the NNPA team

    Dr. Kelly is welcomed back to the NNPA team! Dr. Kelly was a beloved co-therapist for several years at NNPA helping with the middle school and high school groups as a part of her pre-practicum and clinical practicum experience at Vanderbilt University. She also worked with NNPA conducting neuro-feedback whilst obtaining her doctorate.


    Dr. Kelly is now accepting new patients for therapy, psycho-educational and psychological assessments. Please see the "team" page on this website for her full bio.


    Please contact Anna Marie Herbold at 629.203.6779 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kelly

    School Aged - Group Therapy

    For the 2021-2022 School Year - Accepting Referrals

    Group Therapy News!


    We will be resuming groups this fall for all school aged children!


    Groups available for: Child (ages 7-10), Middle School (ages 10-14) and High School (ages 14 to 18)


    Please contact our office if your are interested in enrolling your child in our upcoming groups for the school year.


    Any individual NOT CURRENTLY a patient at NNPA must complete a 90 minute intake assessment prior to beginning group therapy. This intake will take place PRIOR to the first group meeting. Please contact our front office staff to schedule intake. We will work closely with any treating physician or clinician outside our practice in order to best coordinate services.


    Check below for information on our current groups:


    Click below for GROUP OVERVIEW LETTER

    https://uploads.strikinglycdn.com/files/a30af43a-0829-4b44-8802-619baf2560d0/2019-2020 Overview Letter .docx?id=184628


    Adolescent Group, Tuesdays: 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.


    https://uploads.strikinglycdn.com/files/a30af43a-0829-4b44-8802-619baf2560d0/Adolescent Calendar 2019.xlsx?id=184621


    Middle School, Wednesdays 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.


    https://uploads.strikinglycdn.com/files/a30af43a-0829-4b44-8802-619baf2560d0/MS Group Calendar 2019-2020.xlsx?id=184626


    Young Child, Thursdays: 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.


    https://uploads.strikinglycdn.com/files/a30af43a-0829-4b44-8802-619baf2560d0/Child Group Calendar 2019-2020.xlsx?id=184622

    Parenting Group


    In the years Dr. Clark and Ms. Powell have been co-leading group therapy, a common theme has surfaced - the importance of being seen and heard amongst your peers. As parents of neuro-diverse children, the task of parenting can feel daunting and lonely. We have also learned, that if we want to help the children with whom we work, then we must help their parents: The primary therapist.


    Under the direction of Tim Caldwell and Suzanne Godbold, this Parenting Group will focus on psycho-education pertaining to all things parenting a complex child. The newest and most robust treatment modalities and parenting approaches will be explored via didactic process and in tandem with guest speakers specializing in each modality explored.


    This is not a process oriented therapy group, rather a psycho-educational experience.


    Contact of front office to indicate your interest. Once we have an adequate number of participants group will commence, so please do let us know your interest.


    Dates and times TBD.

    Adult Therapy Groups

    Accepting referrals for:


    Young Men's Therapy Group This group is for those individuals experiencing social anxiety, OCD, depression and difficulty "launching" to the next phase of adulthood. Identification of unhealthy patterns in thinking and behaving that keep us stuck will be explored and alternative ways of tolerating stress and building life-skills will be practiced.


    Contact of front office to indicate your interest. Once we have an adequate number of participants group will commence, so please do let us know your interest.


    Dates and times TBD.

    Yoga Nidra

    Small group and individual

    Lou Moore

    has earned 3 different certifications in the Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra. Her facilitator credentials include I AM Yoga Nidra, Advanced Yoga Nidra and I AM Yoga Nidra for Kids. Lou loves being in service and helping people relax into their true natures (authentic selves)through the sharing of Yoga Nidra Meditation.


    Ms. Moore is offering Yoga Nidra for small group and individual instruction (both in person and via zoom).


    Yoga Nidra is effective for stress and anxiety reduction, improved sleep function, anger issues, depression and trauma. Coupling a patients individual therapy, TMS or neuro-feedback treatments with Yoga Nidra helps individuals integrate deeper their therapeutic work and primes the patient's work in TMS and neuro-modulation.


    Please reach out to our front office staff if interested in taking advantage of this wellness based approach to enhancing your personal therapy work.


    Yoga Nidra is NOT therapy nor intended to replace therapy. Rather, it is an adjunctive intervention best used in tandem with therapy.

    Accepting New Patients

    We welcome referrals

    Now accepting new patient referrals for:


    Group Therapy

    Individual Counseling



    Psycho-educational testing

    Psychological testing


    Please contact Anna Marie Herbold at 629.203.6779

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