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    Personalized Psychiatric Care With An Integrated Approach



    Child, Adolescent, Young Adult and Adult

    At NNPA we believe the first step in successful treatment is to understand the person and their journey. Every assessment begins with ample time devoted to a comprehensive history , including review of all aspects of development, relevant medical facts, family history, and of course any prior treatment. Baseline evaluations utilizing the best available comprehensive standardized assessments and genomic testing are also completed. Then, and only then, is treatment considered.


    The two words which best describe our approach are, like development itself, "Slow. Process". But you can rest assured the treatment you or your child receive will be carefully considered and thoughtfully applied.


    "Dr. Clark and his staff have given my son so much. He came to Nashville Neuro-Psychiatric Associates as a child suffering from severe anxiety. He began Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Group and Neuro-feedback, and in less than a year has learned how to overcome and has walked out as a more confident, brave young man. LIFE CHANGING!"


    Mother of 13-year old son


    Ms. Powell and Dr. Clark have been fantastic resources and tremendous help to our family. They are not only extremely knowledgeable in their fields, they are also incredibly caring. The help they have provided to our family: medicine counseling, therapeutic talk therapy, neuro-training, and group therapy have been invaluable to all of us. We can't thank them and their wonderful staff enough for all they have done for our family.


    Mother of 10 year old girl and 15 year old boy

    Individual Therapy

    Child, Adolescent, Young Adult and Adult

    A human being has a story to tell, and understanding that story and its relevance to current symptoms is a critical part of every treatment plan. Blending the old and the new with an integrated approach we seek to use all the available tools to heal.



    "I don't know how you define a great therapist, but I learned more from Amy than I ever learned in school. She helped change my life as a parent and person. Sometimes she will give you a hand, sometimes a fist. She's an unconventional therapist."


    Patient and father of young adult child


    Group Therapy

    Child, Pre-Adolescent, Adolescent, Adult and Parent Groups

    Throughout our lifetime we learn and grow together in small groups. Cognitive behavioral therapy in the group setting offers a naturalistic environment in which to nurture self awareness, improve family relationships, and cultivate social skills for individuals with challenges in these arenas.


    "The children and adolescent groups were especially important for our family. The groups help the children but also the parents. Ms. Powell and Dr. Clark are knowledgeable, caring and supportive with everyone."


    Mother of 18-year old and 15 year old adolescents


    An evidence based, non-medication approach to the treatment of a wide variety of psychiatric and developmental challenges, including ADHD, Anxiety, and Executive Function Deficits



    "Craig and Amy have treated my family now since 2012. The level of care they have shown us over the years is immeasurable. My daughter has shown such growth by participating in the peer groups offered as well as with neuro feedback training. We have had an exceptional experience with this practice." M.P.


    Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

    A FDA approved alternative to medication treatment of depression with the promise of an enduring benefit



    Genetic Testing

    Personalized medicine arrives in psychiatry with the ready availability of genomic analysis to inform medication treatment