• Our Philosophy

    The Philosophy Of NNPA Can Be Captured In Three Key Words:








    Comprehensive means we think about you or your child and family as the living, breathing, dynamic system we all are meant to be. Unfortunately the term psychiatrist has become synonymous with pharmacotherapist or medication management expert, despite the very well known limitations of medication treatment of the various psychiatric syndromes both in terms of efficacy and tolerability.



    At NNPA we seek to evaluate the whole person: biological, emotional, psychological, and spiritual, and based on a comprehensive understanding of each patient’s unique journey to formulate a treatment plan using the appropriate tools available to us. Yes, medication may be (and often is) one option, but we believe (and a mountain of research supports) the story goes far beyond taking a pill or potion. We are all unique, and the scientific fact is no two human beings are exactly alike. There’s never been another ‘you’, nor will there ever be another in the future. In turn, understanding your journey and how certain critical developmental experiences shaped your perceptions of self and others (as well as the world at large) is critical to overcoming many of the challenges that spur our patients to seek consultation. Seeing one’s life through a different lens and armed with the self knowledge only informed reflection can offer, healing of developmental wounds is in our estimation every bit as important as the "right" medication. Driven by this belief we offer psychotherapy services in the individual as well as group setting, informed by psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and humanistic principles.


    Integration of services is at the heart of the NNPA philosophy and means more to us than occasionally sharing a computer generated chart note or forwarding a brief summary to a referring doctor or therapist. Informed by our fundamental belief of treating the whole person we seek to provide not only a comprehensive array of services under one roof, but to devote the time necessary to accomplish true face to face collaboration around our patient’s care on a regular basis. While you or your child may primarily see Dr. Clark for medication management and receive individual or group therapy under Ms. Powell’s supervision, or perhaps neurotherapy or TMS from one of our caring technicians, you can count on the fact all of the mission critical health information around your progress in the various interventions will be shared in real time electronically AND reviewed at regular clinical staff meetings.


    Integration also refers to our comprehensive approach. Medication, psychotherapy, and neuromodulation are the backbone of our services but we also seek to stay abreast of all the most recent advances in health, fitness, and sleep medicine to promote your progress and ultimate attainment of your best and highest self. Efforts to educate our patients with regard to the critical role healthy lifestyle choices play in their treatment are a part of all our efforts. So in addition to more ‘traditional’ medical interventions we are happy to discuss diet, exercise, sleep hygiene, the use of vitamins, supplements, etc. In fact, look for health seminars focused on interventions most likely to promote one’s conquering such common psychiatric syndromes as ADHD and depression coming your way this year in our weekend seminar series!


    To us at NNPA Caring means far more than a friendly atmosphere or superficial pleasantries. Two words inform all of our day to day interactions: kindness and respect. Informed by the concept that all healing runs through empathy we seek to understand each of our patients as human beings first and to cultivate a relationship and rapport based on mutual respect. Healing can then proceed in an environment free of the judgement (both from others and from one’s self) which in so many ways can prove crippling. We go on the journey with our patients rather than cheering them on from afar.